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Our Decks

With the increased demand for other business solution services, a suite of services was formalized under The Ark Group (TAG) with the additions of various industry experts in fields of law, marketing, corporate finance, capital market, property, and corporate gifts & trading.

  • BEAGLE : Business Evolution Advisory & Goals Leading Expert Deck

    BEAGLE: Business Evolution Advisory & Goals Leading Expert Deck

    We provide strategic counsel to clients, offers organisations the insights and know-how to plan, strategise and implement an effective corporate and stakeholders communications programme.We provide strategic public relations counsel to our clients and work with them to develop or strengthen internal and external stakeholder relations through business development programmes and campaigns.

  • MAINE : Marketing & Arranging, Intergrating Networking Event Deck

    MAINE: Marketing & Arranging, Integrating Networking Event Deck

    We have a group of communications and marketing experts offering crisis & reputation management, strategic public & investor relations, marketing communications, brand development and management, social media marketing and digital transformation services. Working closely with our various co-partners, we can provide studio for our clients to record messages to clients or staff, or even create your own YouTube space.

  • CONSTITUTION : Consulting, Opinion Negotiation, Statutory, Tactical Intuition, Tactical Update, Tactical Integration & Operations Navigation Deck

    CONSTITUTION: Consulting, Opinion, Negotiation, Statutory, Tactical Intuition, Tactical Update, Tactical Integration & Operations Navigation Deck

    We work together with a group of lawyers and legal firms to provide consulting and advisory on the legal perspective of businesses so that our clients are well assured on the their legal rights and legal responsibilities while expanding their businesses and promoting their brand names and products.

  • BISMARCK : Business Integration, Sale, Merging, Acquisition, Rescue & Consolidation Know-How Deck

    BISMARCK: Business Integration, Sale, Merging, Acquisition, Rescue & Consolidation Know-How Deck

    We specialize in deal-making and strategic advisory in the areas of mergers & acquisitions. Our objective is to assist and engage our clients in their corporate strategies, be it for the purpose of business growth, rightsizing of assets or debt restructuring. From the initiation and rationalization of M&A targets to the successful completion of each corporate exercise, our clients can be assured of our professionalism and commitment.

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  • MONITOR : Monetary Opportunity & Network Instillation & Token Optimization Reconnaissance Deck

    MONITOR: Monetary Opportunity & Network Instillation & Token Optimisation Reconnaissance Deck

    We work closely with corporate and commercial bankers, private equity fund managers and venture capitalist to source for the right funding for our clients.

  • VIRGINIA : Value Impack Reformation, Governance Instillation & Nurturing,Internal Assistance Deck

    VIRGINIA: Value Impact Reformation, Governance Instillation & Nurturing, Internal Assistance Deck

    Our teams of Registered Professionals have vast experience in the capital markets, including initial public offering and secondary equity and debt fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, corporate actions, regulatory compliance and corporate governance. The team is well equipped to supervise, advise and provide guidance and assistance to companies on their continuing listing obligations, compliance with the laws and regulations including the Listing Rules and corporate governance.

  • SANTA MARIA : Strategy Acceleration, Novice, Thriving Assistance, Makeover & Adaptation, Restoration, Internal Audit Deck

    SANTA MARIA: Strategy Acceleration, Novice Thriving Assistance, Makeover & Adaptation, Restoration, Internal Aid Deck

    We specialize in assisting green field and established businesses in strategizing business plans, running their operations, managing their financials and ultimately assisting the businesses to achieve its targets.

  • MISOURI : Management Information Service, Governance Instillation & Organization & Undertakings Registration, Inspection Deck

    MISOURI: Management Information Service, Organisation & undertakings Registration, Inspection Deck

    We help clients navigate a fast-paced and highly competitive economy by providing cost effective, outsourced accounting and payroll services for companies in Malaysia, Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

    We also serve as a one-stop service provider to wealthy families or individuals looking to set up a virtual or family office or to augment their existing family office platform. We work with professional advisors, wealth managers, custodians and/or trustees to provide an entire spectrum of services. The team provides bespoke independent views that are untainted by fiduciary or wealth management considerations or affiliations.

    We are committed to delivering excellent services while assisting our clients achieve their goals. We offer a wide range of company secretarial and related services to companies doing business in Asia. The services provided by our Corporate Secretarial group range from incorporation of companies and partnerships to dealing with the ongoing requirements of annual filings, director and shareholder meetings and maintenance of the statutory books and records. In addition, we also provide country specific related services. As a trusted partner, we recognize individual organization’s requirements for corporate services as well as governance, regulatory and compliance support, and work closely with our clients at every stage of their corporate growth.

  • HUNLEY : Human Utilization Nomination, Learning Enrichment & Yearning Deck

    HUNLEY: Human Utilisation Nomination, Learning Enrichment & Yearning Deck

    We dwells in the niche space of conducting customized training and development services. Our co-partners are business and relations-oriented who bring with them varied competencies, expertise and experiences in helping leaders, managers, teams and companies to achieve its business goals. We employ both theory-based and experiential approaches in our training.

    We also assist our clients to search for right candidates, right talents and right skill sets to fill up the jobs or contractual engagements or projects through our vast network of clients, co-partners, alliances and panel of vendors. We can also work with those who are looking for right positions or right firms to work for to explore new opportunities among our vast network of industry contacts. In some cases, we may be able to help create a role where none currently exists, based entirely around the candidate.

  • POTEMKIN : Property Obtain & Terrain Endeavoring Moderator, Keen & Interest Negotiator Deck

    POTEMKIN: Property Obtain & Terrain Endeavouring Moderator, Keen & Interest Negotiator Deck

    We are committed to provide bespoke, innovative and comprehensive solutions for the unique real estate needs of our corporate clients. Services include investment sales & acquisitions, luxury real estate, corporate leasing and project marketing.

  • VICTORY : Vendor, Items, Cargo, Trading, Order & Rent Yielding Deck

    VICTORY: Vendor, Item, Cargo, Trading Order & Rent Yielding Deck

    We focus on sourcing and supplying various premium corporate gifts or items for our clients who wish to outsource their purchasing functions and wish to put their time developing the real business. Our objectives are to provide a complete marketing solution to our clients from its marketing strategies development; marketing plans execution and the marketing products design, supplies and logistics in order to achieve optimal marketing results.

    We also provide sourcing services for clients who are looking out for specific commercial and industrial products for export and/ or import. We assist to source, assess, filter and recommend appropriate long term suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to our clients.

  • ARIZONA : Artificial Intelligence, Zero & Governance Instillation & One Narrative Advice Deck

    ARIZONA: Artificial Intelligence, Zero & One Narrative Advice Deck

    Artificial Intelligence is an essential part of a business in today’s market. We work with a group of IT specialized co-partners to provide various IT solutions to our clients.